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Administrative and HR Office Assistant - Not Available


In this position you'll support a small marketing and product development team, carry out HR tasks, and assist the lead attorney/owner on paralegal-type projects. The position has diversity, skill-building, and responsibility. It's suited for someone who likes small business, problem-solving, and writing, as well as to work independently and with a team, multi-task, create and document work processes, and stay organized.

Starting pay for the position is $18 an hour for full-time, $17 an hour for part-time. The work can accommodate a flexible schedule during 8:30-5:30 M-F, such as for a college student

Administrative Office Assistant tasks:

  • Perform internet research and phone research that supports product development and marketing;
  • Write up results in memos, reports, and charts using Microsoft Word and Excel;
  • Purchase printing through a bid process; purchase supplies;
  • Compile monthly reports on hiring and marketing (SEO, SEM, ad performance);
  • Assist and back up the leasing manager for rentals mainly in August and May;
  • Write and document tasks of the position;
  • Carry out clerk tasks such as organize files, update website and write analytics and Adwords reports.

Human resources (HR) Office Assistant tasks:

  • Screen and interview job candidates, check references, and evaluate;
  • Welcome and onboard new hires;
  • Write, place, and monitor recruitment listings;
  • Perform human resources clerk duties;
  • Help administer employee health insurance.

Your duties are likely to evolve as you gain experience and the business evolves. This is a long-term opportunity. If you perform well in the initial duties, higher-skill assignments and promotion may be possible.

Administrative and HR Office Assistant Qualifications:

This entry-level position is well-suited for a person who is a productive self-starter, intelligent, and resourceful. We'd like you to be someone who enjoys problem-solving, learning, writing, particularly documenting, and improving business systems.

  • Required: a college degree, some college or student in college; familiarity with Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Preferred: academic excellence, strong writing and verbal skills.
  • Other pluses: experience with Excel, online/digital marketing (PPC, SEO, Adwords, or analytics), real estate or law background, WordPress, small business, Spanish, graphic design, analytic ability.

Please apply via our application by clicking here.

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Start your application below!

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What do you like most about working at Lawyer’s Aid Service?

"The informality … the friendliness … really nice people … flexibility … the downtown location … variety of tasks."

"Lawyer's Aid Service offers a high level of professional development; it has been a tremendous boost to my career and has built my skills in a wide variety of areas … I don't believe I could have gained such a broad set of skills with any other company … the freedom to approach and solve problems in my own way."

"Dealing with clients … the variety … never a dull moment."

"Location near UT … Scheduling flexibility."

"I have received a significant amount of experience in a variety of fields that can be tough to break into. [For example] I didn't realize how interested I was in database development before this job."

"Lawyer's Aid Service makes an effort to understand my interests and strengths, as well as what I don't enjoy doing, and determines my tasks based on that information ... They are very concerned with making me as satisfied with my job as possible, and allowing me to grow the skills I'm eager to work on."

"Talking to interesting people over the phone, not in person … interesting work … enjoy helping people … love to find any piece of information I'm told I can't find … the people I work with … we're the best at what we do … parking close to school [when I was in UT] … scheduling around school … learn how to deal with people better … no rigid structure … no Dilbert management … a family-owned company rather than a chain … learn useful job skills and people skills … the on-site [big] kitchen … good restaurants in walking distance."

"Willing to work around my school schedule ... jovial atmosphere ... it's a small company so every birthday is celebrated in the break room. Cake for everyone!"

"Good hours of operation Monday through Friday … a variety of tasks … I don't sit all day; I get up and walk around."

"Laid-back atmosphere, not up-tight … time flexibility."

"Being given responsibility and the freedom to carry it out … how [the company] is structured. Everyone has roles and the space to carry them out … my experience level [can deal with just about any issue that comes up because I've dealt with it before.]"

"Casual dress code. Don't have to buy a new wardrobe … the laid-back, fun people … schedule flexibility for days off … proximity to campus [when a student] … the work itself is interesting."

"The satisfaction of helping people."

"Getting to talk to a lot of different people … helping people … the atmosphere is laid-back, not critical … a lot more pleasant [than a fast food job] … I like to do office work … organizing things, the teamwork aspect … trying to help each other out in different ways, finding the ways we work together the best."

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The information on this website is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. If you have legal questions, consult your attorney.

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